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The first facility is located just two blocks north of the 116th street #6 train station on 118th street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue.  Our newest facility is located on 1st Avenue between 103rd and 104th Street.  Both facilities are easy to access by public transportation and street parking as well as public parking is available close by.



Physical Therapists are medical professionals who are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions.  At Triumph Physical Therapy we evaluate the body dynamically (in motion) to determine the underlying cause of the dysfunction – we then treat the symptoms and the underlying cause so that you experience immediate and long-term sustainable benefits.

Together, with your effort and determination and our dedication to helping you, we can TRIUMPH over your physical ailments.

Below is a list a few conditions we commonly treat:

  • Neck and Lower Back Pain – can be caused by a not so serious muscle pull or more serious condition such as a herniated disc.  We also treat many cases related to neck or back surgery.
  • Shoulder Pain – is it tendonits?  Did you hurt your Rotator cuff?  We treat various shoulder conditions either to eliminate pain or post-operatively once you’ve had surgery to repair a shoulder injury. 
  • Knee Pain – difficulty climbing stairs? Sharp pain on the inside of your knee?  Did you know quite often knee pain results because of ankle or hip dysfunctions?  We treat many knee pathologies and work with all age groups to eliminate knee pain.  We also work with many patients who have had ACL surgeries or total knee replacements.
  • Post-operative – at Triumph we take pride and a lot of care in treating our joint replacement patients.  We have treated thousands of patients with either hip or knee replacements successfully. 
  • Tendonitis – we treat an assortment of tendon injuries including  shoulder, elbow, hip knee and Achilles.  We have a great protocol for treating Plantar Fascitis and have cured many people from the debilitating heel pain. 
  • Sciatica – did you know Sciatica is actually a symptom not a condition?  Sciatica, that horrible pain which runs down the back of your buttocks and into the leg, can occur because a number of conditions.  We help discover the cause and then treat the cause while we manage the symptoms.

Insurances accepted: Medicare, BCBS, Oxford, Aetna, Emblem Health, Cigna, Health First, United Health, GHI, 1199, No Fault, Workers Comp, Healthnet, Neighborhood Health, others being added regularly – call to find out.